A Record Breaking Day

Today is officially the first day of summer, which also means it is the longest day of the year. We will have approximately 15 hours of daylight. What are you going to do today to make sure you get the most out of your day?

Cash-Flow Plumbing- Fix the Leaks

Why do you fix a leaky faucet at home? Because for most of us we realize it’s money down the drain.
The same goes for a business, but unlike the constant dripping sound we hear at home, most business owners are not aware of their cash-flow leaks that can be costing thousands of dollars.

When the Numbers Really Do Matter

Often as CFO consultants we come upon business situations that just don’t add up. We look at the mess someone got himself or herself into and we just shake our heads in disbelief that they didn’t take time to fully evaluate a project based on proper financial considerations.

Join Us on St. Partick’s Day!

Join Us on St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is this Friday- who needs a better excuse to get out of the office and have some fun? There is no better way to celebrate than with great music and green beer.
Come join us at the Hamlin Pub in Shelby Township with entertainment from the Jukebox Junkies- Michigan’s Premiere acoustic party band.

The Story Behind the Numbers

As contract CFOs, we often meet business owners who view accounting as just another cost of doing business – a non-revenue generating function necessary for compliance and paying taxes. What they fail to realize is the real strategic value in learning the “story behind the numbers,” and it does not have to be a mystery novel.