About Michigan CFO Associates

Helping Small-Business Owners Make Better Financial Decisions Since 2006

We are passionate about small-business, entrepreneurship, and bringing clarity to business owners who feel confused, uncertain, or overwhelmed when trying to make sound business and financial decisions.

We thrive on working with business owners who seek continuous improvement and strive to get to the next level. Our team has a unique blend of technical skills, operational savvy, and the ability to see both the trees and the forest
— at the appropriate times.

How We’re Different

Who We Are -- We’re a professional firm -- not an independent consultant working from home. We have:

  • A broad team with expertise in virtually all industries
  • Team depth so you’re not dependent on one individual
  • Clarity on what we do – this is our one and only focus, and we’re in it for the long haul. We‘re not dabbling in consulting, we’re not semi-retired, and we’re not a CPA firm trying to supplement our non-busy season. We are professional, outsourced CFOs, period.

How We Think -- Our team brings a pragmatic, “operational finance” approach to the CFO role. We are accountants by trade, but understand and participate far beyond crunching numbers.


How We Work

We’ve worked with more than a hundred businesses and refined our unique process to what it is now: a proven system of addressing the financial needs of small-business owners in a cost-effective way. While each business is unique, the financial issues business owners face are quite predictable.

Our Values

  • Resourceful - overcome obstacles and take initiative
  • Reliable - do what you say
  • Trustworthy - do the right thing
  • Serve - help, teach, counsel and create clarity
  • Grateful - taking nothing for granted

The Michigan CFO Associates
6-Point Pledge:

  1. To provide accurate, timely, useful reports
  2. To create a FORWARD looking financial plan
  3. To eliminate accounting surprises
  4. To pay attention to and look out for YOUR interests
  5. To communicate clearly and effectively
  6. To do what we say we’re going to do

Awards & Affiliations