Fractional CFO Pricing: Fixed Fee for Simplicity

Our Fixed-Fee pricing is structured to be flexible and encourage dialogue between your team and our team – without the worry of getting nickeled-and-dimed for each call, email or impromptu meeting.

Benefits of using a Fractional CFO service

The real value of a dedicated CFO

Our CFOs will hone in on what makes your business tick, as well as what’s happening in your industry.

Any accountant can put your financial statements together, but the real value is knowing what to do with the financial data – both today and in planning for tomorrow.

We offer:

Let's Talk About Return on Investment (ROI). . .

The truth is, ROI is difficult to calculate. Sometimes it's very clear, most of the time it's subjective. Avoiding costly problems or bad decisions is hard to quantify. But it's just as valuable as improving profit margins or increasing cash flow. Here's a few common scenarios to illustrate the point:

Not all growth is healthy or profitable. We began working with a well established company that complained about losing money while simultaneously bragging about record sales. If you can’t make money on record sales, something’s wrong. Solving this scenario is what CFOs do. If the company goes from a 5% loss to a 5% profit, that’s a 10% improvement. On $10M in sales that’s $1M to the bottom line.


ROI: Approximately 14x on investment.

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