Outsourcing CFO Services - For Small Businesses

The Outsourced CFO: Affordable Financial Expertise

Get Experienced Financial Leadership at a Fraction of the Cost of a Full-Time CFO

We provide in-person, virtual CFO services for small businesses

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What Will an Outsourced CFO Do for You?

Our programs range from small-scale, one-day-per-month engagements, to more involved programs that are two or three days per week. The ongoing cost of a part-time CFO can be as little as an eighth of a full-time CFO.

Ensure that the company’s reporting contains data that is BOTH accurate and useful
Create projections to identify future problems and opportunities
Provide leadership, training, and supervision to the company’s accounting staff
Bring focus on the key items that have the greatest impact on profitability
Assist with outside relationships (bankers, vendors, customers, CPAs, etc.)
Perform thorough financial analyses in order to make effective business decisions (For example, considering how much overhead should be included in your pricing)
Install financial discipline and control
Assist owners with critical business decisions
Bring into question the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” attitude

Making Better Financial Decisions for Healthy Growth

Our CFOs will lead you through the “Building Blocks For Improved Decision Making”, starting with the foundation of accurate, timely reporting, and moving up to fine-tuned, actionable data. 

Throughout this process, we will keep you heading towards your goals, and we’ll know quickly if you’re veering off course.

But more than that, our CFOs are right there with you, drawing on years of experience, acting as a sounding board and helping you with critical decision making.

Outsourcing CFO Services - For Small Businesses
Get Experienced Financial Leadership at a Fraction of the Cost of a Full-Time CFO

Do You Need a CFO?

If you’ve never had a CFO before… Or if your business is transitioning up or down and you aren’t sure whether you need a full time CFO or a fractional CFO… Michigan CFO Associates will help you sort it out.


As a general rule, if your revenue is less than $1M annually, you’re probably better off meeting with your CPA periodically. The need for a CFO becomes more tangible as businesses enter the “Second Stage” and become self-sustaining entities with increasing volume and complexity of activity.

If you’d like to talk it over with an objective, knowledgeable professional — with zero sales pressure — Click Here to schedule an appointment.

At that point we follow this general delivery process: