What Is an Exit Strategy in Business (and Why Do You Need One)?

What Is an Exit Strategy in Business

No business owner wants to think about the day when they will have to leave their business, but it’s important to have an exit strategy for a business in place just in case. Without an exit plan, you could find yourself in a difficult situation if something happens and you have to sell your business […]

How is Goodwill Taxed When Selling a Business?

How is Goodwill Taxed When Selling a Business

Selling a business is an arduous endeavor that involves in-depth financial and tax processes from start to finish. One key element of the transaction is how to value and tax goodwill, as this can impact the amount of your tax bill upon closing. This article will explain how goodwill is valued and taxed when selling […]

Manufacturing Business Valuation

Selling a Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing business valuation is an important process that defines the value of a given manufacturing company. Having an accurate idea of that value is essential for ownership, partners, and third parties to make appropriate decisions about financing, investing in, and buying or selling a manufacturing business. A company without an accurate and reliable business valuation […]