How Much Profit Should You Target?

Many business owners underestimate the importance of planning- specifically having a detailed, written budget and consciously choosing their level of profitability.

An important component of that planning is how to decide what your business’ target level of profitability should be.

Inside the CFO’s Toolbox: The Flexible Budget

Let’s talk about what is known as a Flexible Budget. This is not flexible budgeting in the sense that the government uses – “No money in the budget? Hey, we’re flexible. Spend away!”

No, a Flexible Budget is actually a very useful management tool which brings a new level of clarity to budget-to-actual analysis.

Is the Flight Attendant Flying the Plane?

Mismatching Financial Skills Causes Many Businesses to Crash

In today’s article we’ll present a common flaw in thinking that occurs at many small businesses.

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