8 Reasons Not To Work
With Michigan CFO Associates


We’re not the cheapest solution available

That’s because we’re a firm (a real business) not just a “man in a truck.” We have a team of skilled people, defined processes, systems, and operate a professional firm -- with proper insurance, equipment, and all other associated costs. It costs more to run a real business. But we’ll be here when the others are gone. If cost is your primary concern, an independent consultant or semi-retired person might be a better option for you.


You’re looking for a Generalist

Perhaps you’re looking for one person or firm that can do many things like bookkeeping, CFO work, tax returns, compiled financial statements, HR, maybe even operations -- a “Jack-of-all-trades.” That’s definitely not us. We are specialists in CFO/Controller work ONLY. Our expertise comes from a focused approach.


You don’t need a CFO

Let’s face it, some businesses are simple, and profitable, and generate a pile of cash year after year with little or no problems. If that’s you, congratulations -- you don’t need a CFO. For everyone else, an experienced financial professional that understands your business inside and out is an absolute necessity.


Your Business is too small or too big

If you’re under $1M in revenue, there’s not a lot of value we can add -- you can probably handle it with your CPA. And if you’re over $20M in revenue, you may need a full-time person.


You’re happy with things as they are

Not everyone wants to grow their business, drive continuous improvement, and move to the next level. And that’s O.K. It’s risky, but O.K. If this describes your situation, you may not enjoy working with us -- we’re going to stir things up a bit.


You can’t afford it

If your business is in financial distress, you’re probably better off using any available cash to keep operating -- as long as you have a clear plan to get out of the mess you’re in. However, “I can’t afford it” usually means “I don’t see the value.” If you go through our 30-Day Process and still don’t see the value, we don’t deserve your business, and you should not proceed.


The timing is bad right now

The timing is always bad; but if you are unable or unwilling to commit to the process, you shouldn’t even begin.


You already have a skilled CFO or Controller

If you’re getting everything you need, you won’t need us. But are you honestly getting everything you need?