The Cash Flow Factory
Health and Growth Workshop Series

We have put together these 3 educational workshops designed to provide specific techniques for tangible business improvement.

We encourage you to attend all 3 workshops however each workshop stands on its own so it’s NOT necessary to attend ALL workshops, or attend in a sequence. Below you will find a description for each workshop and registration links.

Part 1) Creating the Cash Flow Factory

Wednesday 8/29/18; Automation Alley 2675 Bellingham Troy, MI 48083; 8:30-10am
This workshop will demonstrate how small changes in a few key areas can have a significant impact on generating more cash in your organization. We’ll use a case study to show step-by-step practical ways to improve internal cash flow, and reduce an over-reliance on bank financing.

  • Demonstrate how small changes in a few key areas can have a tremendous impact on generating more cash.
  • Show step-by-step practical ways to improve internal cash flow.
  • Explain to business owners where cash hides in their business and how to find it
  • Show how business owners can take control over their ability to generate cash flow

Part 2) 10 Keys to a Healthy Business

Wednesday 10/10/18; Automation Alley 2675 Bellingham Troy, MI 48083; 8:30-10am
In business, as with everything in life, there is a balance, and the balance we’re talking about here is between “Sales Growth” and “Healthy Sales Growth”.

Would you like to know how to grow a “healthy” business? Would you like to understand the key areas to help manage and balance “Growth” AND “Health”? In this workshop we present 10 keys areas designed to show how to balance both health & growth, reduce risk and create a long-term sustainable business.

Part 3) Four Key Systems Every Business Needs

Wednesday 11/7/18; Automation Alley 2675 Bellingham Troy, MI 48083; 8:30-10am
If you’ve ever tried to ride a unicycle, you know that it’s difficult to get started, hard to maintain balance, and you wobble around a lot – it can be nerve-wracking! The same thing happens when a business owner or CEO tries to run their business from only “one” information source: their accounting system. Join us as for a workshop where we explore the importance of having FOUR real time systems to run your business.

In this workshop we’ll look at Four Key Management Systems:

  • System #1: All businesses have it, but owners rank it the least valuable
  • System #2: Ranked #1 in importance, yet barely 1/3 of business owners USE it
  • System #3: THE KEY to effective planning & driving tomorrow’s success
  • System #4: It will minimize surprises and give you a sense of control

Larger corporations utilize all four systems to run effectively; learn how smaller companies can leverage limited resources and shift their business performance into “overdrive”.


Times for all workshops:

  • 8:30 to 9:00am – registration and pre-workshop networking
  • 9:00 - 10:00 am – workshop presentation with Q&A


  • Automation Alley 2675 Bellingham Troy, MI 48083

All workshops are free and includes a continental breakfast, however seating is limited to 20 and registration is required.

Please click on the link to register for each of the workshops. You may also register by phone calling with Kellee Warren at 586.580.3285 x202

Confirmation and details will be emailed prior to the event.

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