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Michigan CFO offered an out of the box perspective of where we were and what needed to get done. They offered us some ideas that we had never really considered before and they ultimately turned out to be some of the best advice I ever got.


Rave Computer

With over a year in our relationship we are looking at our businesses differently. Not only because of the new financials, but also the insight on what makes a business successful... which has been a real asset for this company. We’re able to look at our current and past financial performance which enables us to make clear and direct business decisions that will impact the bottom line of our financials in the future.

Complete Communications, Inc. Clinton Twp., MI

Thanks for the detailed information on what is driving the successful operations of the company.

Also thank you for all your work that you do. It is an integral part of business that assists the banking side of the relationship and allows me to be armed to do my best in providing timely and effective assistance when needed.

Assistant V.P.
Business Banker Huntington Bank

Our CFO has added a level of professionalism and helped people see our CFO come in a couple days a week and show that we’re serious about the budgets, serious about keeping track of where the dollars are going, serious about our desire for growth.

It’s helping us mature as a business and its helping us keep tighter controls.It’s been a pretty good luxury because it’s a part time resource, I have a lot higher quality resource and probably wouldn’t be able to afford it if I just went out and tried to find something on my own.


Honestly, I was very skeptical and reluctant at first. We've been in business for nearly 40 years, and we've managed to get by without a CFO. But Michigan CFO came highly recommended, so I decided to give it a try.

We immediately began to look at our business differently. Our numbers started to make sense from one month to the next, we were able to look ahead and predict our future income, and management started to have confidence in the reports.

But I would say the biggest benefit has been knowing my monthly statements are giving me a more accurate snap shot of our financial performance. We can now identify key ratios between our revenues and expenses which help us to make more informed decisions. Now that we have teamed up with Michigan CFO’s I can focus on the day to day operations of the company because I know our financial health is being properly attended to.

Schena Roofing & Sheet Metal, Chesterfield, MI

In the first few months working with a part-time CFO they have helped deliver great results for my company. I hired them as a financial mentor since I was entering into a more detailed financial role with the company. We met on a weekly basis. Every week they came prepared and worked with me to craft strategies and mentalities that have ultimately helped our company grow. Their flexibility and ability to adapt to our specific setup in such a short amount of time was extremely impressive to me. I highly recommend a part-time CFO to anyone who is looking for CFO help within their organization.

Core3 Solutions, Birmingham, MI

Thank you for the services you and your company provided PolyFlex Products Inc. Over the 18 month period that you and your associates assisted us, we accomplished the monthly financial review, divisional financials, breakeven analysis, change management, new CFO and computerized manufacturing planning. The professionalism of your company is commendable and we look forward to working with you in the future as our company grows and needs arise.


Chief Executive Officer
Poly Flex Products, Inc.

For the first time I feel like I finally have control over my books, my operations, and my profits. Just like many people, I thought I could manage and organize things myself, however when I began using part-time CFO services it completely moved my company to another level. I would recommend EVERY business, regardless of how big or small, to have a CFO put some professional perspective into the methods surrounding your company.

Seabrook LLC, Royal Oak, MI

The most surprising thing is that I had a full-time in-house accounting person that worked five days a week at their position, I found that Michigan CFO got all of that work done plus offers new measurable and objective ways of looking at things in frankly less than half the time.

Michigan CFO Associates helped us to implement analysis and planning tools that we have always wanted, but did not have the in-house expertise to create. We now have the ability to manage the business much more effectively on a monthly basis to ensure that we’re hitting our targets. Using a contract CFO 2-4 days a month is the perfect solution for a company our size.

MCM, Inc., Novi, MI

Working with Michigan CFO has helped our company gain a new sense of financial confidence and helped us organize our data more precisely so that we have a better perspective on the profitability drivers in our business. We are now able to plan more strategically and feel much stronger about achieving our financial objectives . We also feel secure knowing that we have an experienced CFO available when we need sound financial advice.

Myron Zucker, Inc., Sterling Heights, MI

After employing a Controller for many years, we determined that we had a need for CFO-level assistance. Our outside CPA recommended Michigan CFO Associates.

After our initial meeting, we were pleased to learn that we could eliminate the full time Controller position. In just two days per week, we are receiving better information and a more pro-active approach, at a lower total cost. This has been very successful and has given us the high level expertise we needed on a cost effective basis.

Any business owner looking for ways to do more with less should look seriously at this alternative.

Peter Basso Associates, Inc. Troy, MI

Todd has provided my business with excellent support in the areas of Bookkeeping & Accounting Infrastructure. His work has been a major factor in converting our old accounting system to a new system. I can confidently recommend Michigan CFO Associates, Inc as solid and reliable financial consultants, and experts in their field.

Optimal CAE, Inc. Plymouth, MI

On behalf of the MIT Enterprise Forum of the Great Lakes I want to thank you for the keynote presentation at our Savvy Entrepreneur Series event on Cash-flow management. We all enjoyed the material you presented and your approach to cash management is very relevant and valuable to new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. Your insight and experience in financial management specifically as it applied to audience members’ questions was especially interesting and important to hear.

MIT Enterprise Forum of the Great Lakes

I have worked with Todd Rammler on several projects and found that his insight and broad business knowledge have saved me both time and money. I fully intend to use Michigan CFO Associates again.

B&P Process Equipment & Systems, LLC Saginaw, MI

Todd, on behalf of APACC, we want to thank you for your contribution and participation in our Financial Management Workshop. From your involvement in the planning of the presentation content to the delivery of your honest and expert knowledge, we achieved our goal in providing value to the entrepreneurs by enhancing their knowledge of financial management tools and how to prepare to seek funding resources.

Thank you once again for your time and contributions to the success of the seminar.

Membership & Events Marketing Manager
APACC - Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce

I strongly recommend a part-time CFO to any business owner who is struggling with trying to do everything and stressing about not knowing whether you are doing things right. They started with a complete overhaul of our company GL and continue with monthly reviews and straight forward helpful analysis of our company performance. Additionally, using a part-time CFO has improved my knowledge of our company's performance and keeps me on track with our goals. They have taken otherwise dormant sales data and turned it into unbelievably informative and effective reports through extensive knowledge of Excel and the ability to extract and present the data in a way that is useful. They have helped my business in more ways than I can mention and I am proud to have someone I trust so much "on call" when I need them.

Regina-Andrew Design, Inc.Riverview, MI

I am a strategic advisor to small companies and the author of a book on business strategy. As I work with small-company leaders, I often see how they need strategic insight into their finances. Michigan CFO has experience across a range of companies and industries, and is able to highlight important issues to focus on before the opportunity passes or the problem flares up. A small company does not have a lot of resources to spare, and Todd’s advice makes businesses stronger and more valuable.

Phimation Strategy Group

The reassurance that an experienced CFO is managing our cash flow and financial reporting is a tremendous help, and one less thing we have to worry about.

Maestro Turgeon Group, LLC, Madison Heights, MI

In 2006/7 the owner of a struggling privately owned automotive supplier brought me in to identify problems and develop plans to address them. When it became evident that the financial side of the business was mismanaged, we contracted with Todd Rammler of Michigan CFO Associates.

His performance was outstanding. He is a true professional with expertise in all areas of financial management and accounting. Todd made clear our options and we chose an orderly closure. He managed our relationship with the bank and guided us through the process professionally. Michigan CFO Associates was also instrumental in managing our suppliers and customers during the difficult process.

Todd has a professional and mature style that generates calm during difficult times. He is a person of high integrity and is always frank and honest.

Advantage Technologies, Inc., Plymouth, MI

I truly appreciate what you are doing for us.

Anticipated Plastics, Inc., Warren MI

I want to thank you for all your help. Just knowing that if I have questions I can ask you for guidance is such a relief. Our accounts would be a mess without you!


Quad West Associates

When other business owners come to me and ask about my experience, I explain how the reporting and second set of trained eyes on my books are just invaluable

Novi, MI

Michigan CFO has been such an asset to our company! You organized and guided us with your expertise. I am so thankful that you have worked with us and alongside us for many years. You have taught us well, and we will be forever grateful. Michigan CFO is truly professional and a great friend to us at CDH.

Center for Digestive Health