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Storing Up Nuts – Building a Cash Reserve

Storing Up Nuts – Building a Cash Reserve

What can business owners learn from squirrels, mice and beavers? How about looking both ways before crossing the road! Or maybe knowing how to stay warm ...

Managing Your Personal Financial Risks

Managing Your Personal Financial Risks

We spend a lot of time helping businesses improve their profits and cash-flow. When we stopped to think about all the ideas and experience we have managing ...


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"Michigan CFO Associates helped us to implement analysis and planning tools that we have always wanted, but did not have the in-house expertise to create. We now have the ability to manage the business much more effectively on a monthly basis to ensure that we’re hitting our targets. Using a contract CFO 2-4 days a month is the perfect solution for a company our size."

M. Schena,
President, MCM, Inc., Novi, MI

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